Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You're Special. In a Good Way!! #2

2.  You Have Life!!!!

John 10:10 ....I have come that they may have life,
and  that they may have it more abundantly

Woo  Hoooo!!  Life is calling!!

Over here!!   **********  Helloooooo??????

You are special my friend because God has LIFE for YOU.

I always get bummed to see Christians walking around with
the mully grubs all the time.
(yes ma'am, I just said, "mully grubs")

We all have our moments  -  granted.
But let's keep it at that - moments.
I'm pretty sure Ecclessiates mentions a time to mully grub
but it's just for a time (btw, that IS a joke)
We've got so many blessings and things to celebrate!
Jesus came to die willingly for us to
L  I  V  E
To live with Him in eternity but definitely so we
can have a fuller and more meaningful life here until
that perfect time comes.

It's time to Carpe' Diem.  Grab that bull by the horns.
Sing out loud      Dance a little dance
Put a hop in your step and embrace the JOY of living this abundant life that He made for us!!!!
It's time to get your belly laugh ON
you special thing you!!!
                                                I'm sorry I couldn't help myself.  I'm so corny.
                                                                I love it