Saturday, July 12, 2014

Just Trying to Enjoy It All 2

Check it out!
This was on the cover of the local sports page.
That #18 being "upended" was my son, Kelly.
Ah, how cool to get a big ole picture in the paper as a freshman??  
Pretty cool, even if you are being "upended".  We laughed so hard when we saw this.
  Kelly didn't mind at all.  He joked about it and had a ton of fun with it.  
You see, he was starting as a freshman for our varsity football team.  
He was just pumped and excited to be a part of a team he loves so much. 

Yep!  That's my boy!
Both of my boys played football this year.  I loved catching this moment after a game 
Kelly Freshman year
Cotton playing his 7th grade year
And the SMS Tigers came out as County Champs!

This school year was starting off pretty great.  We were really starting to feel "settled" into our home  and life.  You know, life with 3 kids can be a bit hectic.  But we were getting into a groove that seemed to be feeling good.  I had started back to work part time and that was going good.  Bradley was making music anywhere and everywhere.  He built some houses and those were winding down.  All of my children are musical and enjoy performing.  My mother in law had set up an audition for my two younger children and while our schedule was busy, we made sure we went. 

 Here they are at the audition.

  Insert Proud Mama Moment here.

  Both auditioned and were immediately accepted on the spot.
Acting and singing.  I was so impressed.  Not really surprised that they did it but impressed that they were such professionals about it.  They got up.  Knocked it out of the park.  And had fun doing it.  They have performed many times in front of crowds but it's different in front of a casting agent with a room full of people behind you.     
(They used to have a group that has performed for hundreds before when they were younger. 
 They would never want me to tell those stories so I won't... But I would love to.  LOL) 
 Even though we were unable to accept the offer by the agent, both of them handled it very well.  I know they were upset but not once did they pitch a fit or complain. 
 That made it even harder for me as their mama.
So while this was disappointing, they counted it as a win
 because of the success of the audition.

Around the same time my husbands band was the feature article for Discover magazine.  The story was centered around a place called Horse Pens Forty.  That was where "Three On A String" played for the very first time.  They have gone on to be a piece of Alabama flavor.  They've played for sitting president George H.W. Bush.  Shows with everyone from Bill Cosby to Symphony Pops Series.  They still travel all over the country so if you ever get a chance to see them, you should.  It is truly a fun show that
 you will remember for years to come!
Whew, sorry, I just kind of got lost in all that, but the point is, things were kind of good.

And then this…..

Kelly was hurt in the fourth game of the season.  He was downing a punt on the 2yd line.
At first it looked as though he had just dislocated his shoulder.  Not to say that that wasn't bad but it looked like with some rehab he would be fine.  So a couple of months in therapy showed no improvement.
  After an MRI, it was clear he had actually tore his labrum. 
 This meant surgery and more rehab.

I must say that as proud as I was that he had a starting position,
 it made me a nervous wreck!
Kelly knows one speed in any sport he plays and that is FULL ON.
He was 165lbs and playing against seniors that were much bigger than he was.
  Not to mention we made our 5A status by 4 students that year.
  We were playing huge schools.  
So this mama was always on edge watching my middle line backer out there 
giving it his all and doing a great job.
  He was chosen as Morale Leader for his class and Captain.
So this set back was a little tough for my guy. 

I want to give a ginormous THANK YOU to Dr. Miner and Dr. Goldstein
 at Andrews Sports Clinic for all that you have done for Kelly.
  These people are incredible.  
They treat the absolute best athletes in the world.  As you walk the halls they are lined with jerseys and signed pictures from unbelievable athletes.
  And they treated my son like a rock star.  
So very thankful.