Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer of Waves and Up-do's

This was an article that I had written for a publication that didn't make it in.  But after re-reading it, I think it is still worthy for today's summer looks.
 Can you guess what year this was?
This summer we’ve got movies that will transport us
 from the inspiring surfer girl
 to the pirate women of the seas
 to the futuristic ladies of the superhero world.
  And although the range of characters will be vast there will be one common theme, waves
To get these incredible haphazard waves
 you’ve got to take a totally different approach
 to curling your hair.
  Soft, natural waves will add fullness
 without being too structured.
  To get this look try applying Kenra medium hold volumizing mousse on clean uncombed hair.
  Blow dry until hair is 90% dry.
  Then take 2" sections of hair and twist to the ends.
  Loop the ends back to the scalp and secure with pins. Sleep on hair.
 In the morning carefully unwind each twist.
  Flip hair upside down and shake lightly
 making sure to not overwork the waves.
  Flip up and shake into place.
  Apply a small amount of Moroccan Oil to dress the waves. This look will be great no matter what your summer occasion.

Don’t forget the up-do’s.
  Take those waves and loosely pull them
 into a low ponytail.
  Add some interest by placing your pony to the side.
  To keep your pony looking polished
 leave out a strand of hair to wrap around your elastic.  
Pin in place and you now look like you’ve been styled
 by the pros. 
Take it one step further and twist ends of the pony up
 and pin around the elastic.
Tease the hair that didn’t make it into the pin
 for a Ragamuffin Chic effect. 
 This summer the hair is easy and beautiful
 so enjoy looking as good as the women on the big screen!