Friday, May 25, 2012

A little bit CrAzY over here!!

Ok I have been one CrAzY Mama over here!! 

So much fun stuff has been happening with my kids that
I have been out of pocket and quite frankly,
out of my mind.
It's normal life but somehow I manage to make it look soooooo
much more complicated than it is.
I'm good at that.

But before I catch you up on some of the "highlights"
I thought I would give you a quick HAIR TIP.


When toweling your hair dry, NEVER rough the towel back and forth.

This is such a No-NO and people do it all the time.

Instead, take your towel and SQUEEZE your hair dry.

By holding the towel closed on one section of hair the water is absorbed into
the towel.  Roughly moving the towel around trying to use air to dry your hair works
but it also makes combing it out afterward a nightmare
Much like my schedule has been the last month!!!
Whew, May is over.  BRING ON SUMMER!!!