Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Low and Full Ponytail

Today's post is a tribute to a totally nontraditional ponytail.
On the left is my hair on one of my many days at work when I rushed to get there.
I gave it a product fill up and followed by a rough blow dry.
Then, realizing I was running out of time, I took advantage of the volume
and whipped it into two ponytails.  I don't want to call them pigtails
 because the style just didn't have a "pigtail" look.
I wore one pony behind my shoulder and one pony in front of the other shoulder. 
( You know I love "Ragamuffin" style and this fits me perfectly!! )

So the photo on the right??  Well, that's a funny story.
Last night before going to bed I was perusing an old Allure magazine. 
(I am quite the magazine junkie)
So I open it up and there on the page was the fuller bottom ponytail
Orlando Pita!
I was so excited; I had to get out my pics that we had taken from a while back and
 share them with you guys.  So wild.
I love seeing incredible hairdressers who think alike!!!!

So here are a few more pics from my crazy day after work.

So,.... would you even consider wearing such a style??
Better yet,... what's YOUR quick fix hairstyle??

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sleek, Shiny Braided Chignon

This is such a pretty look.  It goes super dressed up or super casual.
Either way, it's a classic with an interesting twist.
One that is sure to make others want to get a closer look to see how you did it.
And the big bonus is, it is SO easy.
Love easy!
So we are borrowing a few pics from an earlier post, the braided bun.
(click on "braided bun" to take you there)

So first, we start off with a braided ponytail.  This can be high on the head or lower.
I'll elaborate on that at the end of the post.

Then give the braid a slight tug to loosen and soften the braid. 
It'll make the braid more pliable.
Now just simply wrap the braid around your ponytail band and tuck the ends under.
Pin on bottom first then pin on top to secure.
Pin around the edges and since a braid is heavier and stiffer,
it may take a few pins to make sure it holds.
Sorry there aren't any pics of this stage but it's hard to snap all the steps.
I'm working on posting video tutorials.
Not sure that you want to hear me talk but then again, maybe you're dieing to hear my Alabama accent.
So here is the final look. 

I LOVE this because when it's finished you really cannot tell that it's braided at all.
The shine is gorgeous and even if your hair is not in the best shape,
it will totally look like it is!

It's all about "camouflage" baby.

So my side bit of info for you:

"What's the difference in a bun and a chignon?", you ask.

In a nutshell, a bun can come in many various forms.  It can be messy or polished.  It can be pretty much anywhere on the head.  You can wear several at one time.  It can be twisted, braided, thin and airy, or tightly wound.  It's kind of been Americanized and advanced from the original, traditional "chignon".
Chignon is from a French phrase, "chignon du cou" which means bun at the nape.
You will more often associate a chignon with a more polished, sophisticated bun.  And of course, worn at the nape of the head.  It's the more formal of the two. 

So which are you,
"Chignon du Cou" or "Americanized Bun"?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polished Top Knot

Here's a Show and Tell on a slightly more Polished Top Knot.
Start off with scary, big, blown out hair.  No need to make it super straight.
The more texture in the hair before, the better!

Me - Before 
( Told you to start off with scary, big, blown out hair ! )
Next, begin pulling all the hair back for a ponytail.
I always start with my front first and hold it in my hand so that I can leave a little fullness. 
This will keep it from looking too slick and tight. 

Finish the ponytail by brushing the nape hair into the front section.
Remember to keep it high on your head.
It's a TOP Knot.  Gots to be on TOP.

You can use a clear elastic for your pony but my hair is uber thick so I use the
super fat black bands.  It'll be covered anyway so no worries.

Using a traditional teasing comb, begin to moderately backcomb
small sections of your ponytail.

Work your way through the entire ponytail until you look this HOT!
Oh yea, it's hot!

Lightly run your fingers OVER the backcombing.  You don't want to undo the
knotting, just stretch the top layer.  This will make a pretty little nest-like look. 
Seriously, it'll be pretty.

Now pin the farthest section under, swirling your hands lightly over the knot. 
You'll be amazed how fast and easily your birds nest turns into a work of art.
Follow up with a few extra pins around the edges.
You probably won't even need that many.  The teasing will hold like crazy.

Summer chic for sure
Whadya think?  Easy?

Love Love for my friends who stop by and follow
Thanks tons!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Learning Mondays

I love Learning Mondays!

As you probably already know, most salons are closed on Mondays. It's great to have a weekday to handle "stuff".  But it's also the day that one can occasionally find extra education!!!  And I am ALL about that!!  

So today was spent with some of the guys from Suddzz FX.  Up top's picture is with Elloy, from Austin, TX, and my friend and co-worker, Razel. I was so excited that we went together today. The last class I went to I had to go alone and it's just not nearly as fun. I have a tendency to find humor in the goofiest places and desperately need somebody to LAUGH WITH ME!  So thank you Razel for being my laughing buddy! 

So the class, yes, it was great. Learned a chic-y new up-do. (I'll post on it later so I can get some good pics.)  Here is Elloy working on it.  Taken from my iPhone camera, they're not the best quality but I get so frustrated with my real camera that I couldn't bring myself to try it. The plan was to enjoy the day. Which I did. 

Here we are with our new friend from Suddzz, Jason Fonte. He lives in Venice Beach, CA. So interesting to hear him say how "everybody" there has the same hair. 

We tend to want to localize things like that. We think "everybody in our town looks the same".  It's everywhere and it's human nature.  It's called, "Trends". And while it's not always a bad thing, it is an opportunity for great hairdressers to keep an edge and make the trends look personalized. Not cookie-cutter. 

Great layered haircut.  Rusk haircolor. No more specifics for you guys. I haven't forgotten who I'm talking to here. Can't be giving away the trade secrets.   Lol

They're filming a movie here in Birmingham (42) and one of the models from today's class is an actor in the movie. 

Can you pick out the actor in the group?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My daugter's dance group did several numbers from "Cats" for their recital this year.
They also performed from "The Sound Of Music" and "Mame".  But I must say,
"Cats" was definitely my favorite! 
I call her my "Angelical Cat". 
I wish I could show you a pic of the whole group.  They were INCREDIBLE!

Have you seen "Cats"?  What's your favorite musical??