Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polished Top Knot

Here's a Show and Tell on a slightly more Polished Top Knot.
Start off with scary, big, blown out hair.  No need to make it super straight.
The more texture in the hair before, the better!

Me - Before 
( Told you to start off with scary, big, blown out hair ! )
Next, begin pulling all the hair back for a ponytail.
I always start with my front first and hold it in my hand so that I can leave a little fullness. 
This will keep it from looking too slick and tight. 

Finish the ponytail by brushing the nape hair into the front section.
Remember to keep it high on your head.
It's a TOP Knot.  Gots to be on TOP.

You can use a clear elastic for your pony but my hair is uber thick so I use the
super fat black bands.  It'll be covered anyway so no worries.

Using a traditional teasing comb, begin to moderately backcomb
small sections of your ponytail.

Work your way through the entire ponytail until you look this HOT!
Oh yea, it's hot!

Lightly run your fingers OVER the backcombing.  You don't want to undo the
knotting, just stretch the top layer.  This will make a pretty little nest-like look. 
Seriously, it'll be pretty.

Now pin the farthest section under, swirling your hands lightly over the knot. 
You'll be amazed how fast and easily your birds nest turns into a work of art.
Follow up with a few extra pins around the edges.
You probably won't even need that many.  The teasing will hold like crazy.

Summer chic for sure
Whadya think?  Easy?

Love Love for my friends who stop by and follow
Thanks tons!


  1. love this hairstyle! and you are so cute!

    1. Ooooo L.A., so sorry for the delay.
      (rhyming was unintentional, but funny ha)
      Thanks so much. And as for being "so cute",
      God love you!!! Very sweet. Love your site, btw.
      Thanks for the love!
      Jenny Leigh