Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A "Classic" Bob??

Nancy Kwan Bob by Vidal Sassoon

While there are many "classics" in our culture, some things aren't. For example, I think we would all agree that we've seen many Classic Car Shows in our time. You know, where people flock to the local Dairy Whoop parking lot
(as my Daddy used to call it) to look at old cars.
What, like you've never been to a car show???
Well, my Daddy used to take me and he would point out the
'57 Chevy's that represented the absolute BEST time in history to him.

  And although the 80's were pretty awesome, like totally, he's probably right.  Back to point, these cars are so special that they are even in a group that has been given special license plates!!!  It verifies that they are "classic".  But you know, classic isn't limited to cars.  You have Classic Coke, classic songs or musical eras.  Classics can be found in just about any area of interest to any group.  Let's face it though, the running theme in anything "classic" is that it has stood the test of time.  It's got a certain standing in history because of its appeal and longevity.  But I question, just because we've seen something for a long time does that make it "classic"?
I say, "NO".  Now my husband loves the movie Smokey and the Bandit.  According to him, this movie is classic and to most people the car in the movie is classic.  But does that make every 1970something T-top Trans Am classic?  I'm thinking the ones with primer paint, super large wheels ,and a faded eagle impression left on the hood would NOT be considered "classic". 
I apologize to any Fixer-Uppers who see the diamond in the rough but honestly you probably aren't reading this anyway.
So, no - not all old things are classic.  
Like anything good, it has to be cared for and done right.  All the details are tended to and polished to look it's best.  I believe the "Classic Bob" is the same way.  You can see this hairstyle on a friend or celebrity and want it for yourself.
So many times I've heard clients say, "it's just a bob so cut it straight across".  I always giggle a bit inside because that's just not how it works.  A bob is one of the most intricate haircuts if executed properly.  Many factors go into just the right approach.  Texture, thickness, growth patterns, overall result desired, hairlines etc..  So not to bore you with those things, we'll focus on YOUR perspective.

So here are your
First and most importantly - Face Shape  Face Shape  Face Shape
An oval face shape can pull off most looks.
A rectangular or oblong face shape can definitely wear a bob but plan
ahead where the fall line is going to be.  Make sure it does not hit right on the jawline.  Mid cheek is nice to break up the length of a long face or right below the jawline to visually give the face a "stopping point".
Round face shapes - BEWARE 
I'm not saying no to the bob but stick with some key points and you'll be fine.  No rounded full bobs that hit on the jaw or chinline!!!!
If going shorter, make the fall line clearly below the jawline, giving some air space between the hair and the face.  This gives 2 places to draw the eye.  To your hair itself and to your beautiful face.  It can actually create a more distinct jawline taking away from the roundness.  So cool.
Also consider a slightly asymmetrical style that will break up the roundness.  This can be achieved by making the fall line at different levels on each side or by simply tucking one side behind the ear. 
And lastly, (whew) having the edge of your bob layered slightly can rid you of a bubble looking haircut adding much more sophistication to your style.

So....to bob or not to bob????
I say, go ahead and get the BEST bob for YOU!!!
We want you to be "classic" more than your hairstyle anyway.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fishbone Braid

Fishbone Braid
Before getting started on our session today
we had to take a "before" picture. So here she is,
the most incredibly fun chickie you'll ever meet.
And lucky for me, she loves helping me out.
Btw, I'm talking about the cutie on the left. Lol

A Fishbone Braid is a cute twist on a traditional braid.
It's perfect for those with longer hair and even better
for those with long layers. Since it's kind of wordy to
describe, I'll get going.

So first, you need to give the hair a good brushing and separate the hair into two main sections.

Using your right index finger, separate an outside piece of the right main section.  Be careful to hold each section snuggly in your fingers. This may take a bit of practice, especially if you have lots of layers. 

Now simply take your outer section and cross it over to the left main section.  Hold it snuggly in your left hand. You now have 2 sections again.
 Repeat these steps on the left side. Take an outside piece of the left section and cross it over. Place it snuggly in the right hand.

You are now working that Fishbone braid.  Keep going. 
You may find that you need to brush the ends as you work your way down.
I love the Fishbone Braid because it's a great way to change things up and it's so easy.
Let me know how it works for ya!
Now,...love, love & more of God's love to you!
Jenny Leigh