Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fishbone Braid

Fishbone Braid
Before getting started on our session today
we had to take a "before" picture. So here she is,
the most incredibly fun chickie you'll ever meet.
And lucky for me, she loves helping me out.
Btw, I'm talking about the cutie on the left. Lol

A Fishbone Braid is a cute twist on a traditional braid.
It's perfect for those with longer hair and even better
for those with long layers. Since it's kind of wordy to
describe, I'll get going.

So first, you need to give the hair a good brushing and separate the hair into two main sections.

Using your right index finger, separate an outside piece of the right main section.  Be careful to hold each section snuggly in your fingers. This may take a bit of practice, especially if you have lots of layers. 

Now simply take your outer section and cross it over to the left main section.  Hold it snuggly in your left hand. You now have 2 sections again.
 Repeat these steps on the left side. Take an outside piece of the left section and cross it over. Place it snuggly in the right hand.

You are now working that Fishbone braid.  Keep going. 
You may find that you need to brush the ends as you work your way down.
I love the Fishbone Braid because it's a great way to change things up and it's so easy.
Let me know how it works for ya!
Now,...love, love & more of God's love to you!
Jenny Leigh


  1. sarah & I were just braiding our hair this morning & I was wanting something different! Good timing. Thanks!

  2. Thanks! Still learning this whole blogging thing. So glad you stopped by.
    Please come back and let me know how I'm progressing.