Monday, October 31, 2016

Sleek Half Up Do

Sleek Half Up Do

How is this for an unconventional spin on a conservative Half Up Do?
It's complex and simple at the same time.
A definite show stopper. 
Make you do a double take kind of show stopper.


My model is Martha.  
Martha was looking to keep her hair out of her face but still wanted high style.
So to prep we used Moroccanoil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil to detangle and protect.
MO Volumizing Mousse for control then blow dry.
Added a bit more Treatment to her tresses and 
using the Brocato Vibrastrait Flatiron 
gave Martha the perfect sleek locks she needed.

Sectioning the hair from ear over crown to ear gave us what we need to work with.
Put the lower half of the hair in a low pony to keep it out of the way.
Make 5 triangular sections from the face (widest section) to the point at the crown.
Made sure to make your largest section the one in the center above the eyes.
Comb each section back to the crown and tie the hair as if tieing your shoes then pin down. 

Once all sections have a knot, then combine all the ends of the knots together.
Secure with a clear elastic.
You now have one long ponytail with 5 knots at the top.

Take a strand of hair underneath the pony, one on the right and one on the left.
Then wrap the strand around the elastic and then criss cross your way down the 
hair shaft and secure with another clear elastic.

Now release the lowest ponytail to reveal your half up half down look.
A little Game of Thrones influence, don't you think?  
Alright, now go make sure you make the MOST of this day.
Don't just HALF do it.