Thursday, August 9, 2012

Loose Braid

Loose Braid

Here are a few not so great photos of a loose braid that I did a week or so ago. I apologize for the bad photography but hopefully you can get the general idea. All you need to do is braid your hair down the center of your head, curving the line to the side as you come to the bottom.  

Once you have your basic braid in place and secured, take your fingers and run them under the braid as far as they can comfortably go. I start with the top to set the level of fullness that I want to see.

(Starting with the sides can leave you with ruffled, uneven lift.)

Now slightly shake your hand back and forth, lifting upward.
Do the sides next and preferably do the left and right at the same time so they look even as well.
Slide fingers in and under, slightly shake and lift.
Lastly, repeat on the sides of the head below the ears to loosen the nape area.

Looks cute, huh?  It's a great relaxed and romantic summer braid. 

Check out this picture. My daughter and always ready assistant tried it out on me. Pretty good job my sweet girl.  

Alright, Hope you try this loose braid.  
Do you think it's time for me to work on my camera issues
and start getting some real pics????!!!!!!

*Ugh* #cameraspaz
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