Friday, October 24, 2014

Pink It OUT!

Pink It OUT!!
(or red it out)

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
 I would like to share one of my most favorite moments.  
This sweet lady was referred to me by a friend.
  She had not had her hair done in several years.
  In fact, she had not had HAIR in a long time!!! 
 By the grace of God she is now cancer free!!  
I had the pleasure of giving her a new style and some "Boom Pow" hair color.
The red gives color to her skin and makes her green eyes POP!

Those beautiful green eyes.
I loved seeing her joy bubble up!
With this vibrant, brilliant red she will be stopped often for a compliment
and have the opportunity to share her story.

For all those who are battling this cancer know that many have come before you.
And every time God our Healer has stepped in to make His power known. 
 Trust that He knows the story He is writing with your life.
  You can count on Him to be faithful to carry you through.
  Be faithful to Him as He works so mightily in your life. 
 And know, child of God, that there are people, like me,
 who are watching in awe of your strength.
 Many prayers for you are being laid at His feet for comfort, peace and HEALING!!!

Pink It OUT!!!
Jenny Leigh