Friday, March 6, 2015

Inspirational Daddy-O!

Inspirational Daddy-O!

This blog is supposed to include things that "inspire".
So in honor of my Daddy's 78th birthday, two days ago, I will dedicate this post to him.
Most commonly known as "Daddy-O", this man has indeed inspired me.

I have been told that I look like my beautiful mother.
  And I appreciate it for the compliment that it is. 
I introduced you to her in the post  Ya think?? 
(would love for you to read it if you haven't already)
She is still all that I said she was and more.  She just gets better with time. :-)
We share many of the same traits
but my personality is definitely from my Daddy.
He loves to make people smile and laugh.  And he's very good at it too. 
Often when he meets someone for the first time he will ask them if they 
"need a little money".
 And of course everyone replies, "oh yes, I could use a little money".
  Then he proceeds to hand them several miniature coins.
It's "little" money.
  They look like real money coins except that they are super tiny.
 *Leaving a memorable mark on whoever he meets*
That's Daddy-O.
Now my father is a creative person.  One of the most creative people I know.
 He's not a painter or a musician but a "creator",  a "thinker", "a doer". 
 He is always full of ideas.  I can remember growing up with him
 constantly doing things to make me think.
  He is a problem solver and has unbelievable people skills.
  And did I mention he is funny?
  Oh my gosh he is so funny. 

One of the neatest things about Daddy-O is his strong desire
 to "leave this earth better than he found it".
It's not just a saying he has but he lives it.
  He has taken Christ's example and puts it to work in his own life.
  I can't tell you the number of times I've seen him help someone 
just because they need help.
 There is a small church that he passes everyday as he leaves his neighborhood.
  The church's sign out front was very old and tattered
 to the point you could hardly read it.  
Well, Daddy-O has a sign business.  So one night he stopped by 
and took measurements of the worn church sign.  
He made a new sign for the church and replaced it in the middle of the night.  
I really wish I could've been there when the members drove up 
and saw their brand new sign!!
  He never told them what he did.
That's just one of many neat stories I could tell of my Daddy.  

Even though he is always looking forward, he enjoys a few things from the past.
For starters, he declares the 50's as the best decade ever.
  And I kind of think he is probably right on that
 (however, the 80's were pretty tripindicular).

He loves the music of the 50's and the clothes.
  But without a doubt his favorite dream car is from the 30's.  A 34 Ford.  
He loves some car shows.  And he loves fast cars.  Or really anything that goes fast.
  He raced cars as a young man.  He was in the Air Navy.
 Just a few of his hobbies have included dirt bike riding,
 street bike riding on power bikes, 
roller skating (owning his own speed skates with psycho pig wheels), 
wave runners, loves being on his pontoon boat with my mama, 
flying his new camera drone, and most recently 
he zip lined on a cruise ship at 100ft in the air! 

 He loves life is what he loves!!

And he loves his family

He never misses any opportunity to pray with us and to lead us to God's word.  
Not because he is so righteous but because it has been healing to his soul.
Because God has been good to him and he wants that for others.
He is not perfect and he would want me to tell you that so I will.
But what he really is... is inspiring.

Inspirational Daddy-O