Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Now Trending : #MOLLY

Now Trending : #MOLLY

Hey everybody, I want to introduce you to a beautiful friend of mine, Molly.
Molly is competing in the Scholarship Pageant Program at school and my salon is 
so excited to sponsor her.  
So for her ad in the program we went with a "trending" theme.

We started off by putting a few soft curls in Molly's naturally curly hair.  
In the top photo, I love how it shines 
and truly looks like ribbons cascading on her shoulders.

For her next look we added some clip on extensions. 
These are my FAV.
So easy to use.  They add fullness and/or length in a snap!
Here, we used honey, golden extensions for an added 3 inches.
(Please excuse my attire.  Had plans of working out.
  Key word there being "plans".)

A few final adjustments and we are ready to check it out.

Oh YEA!  She loves it and I do too.  

Seriously, a little back combing and clip those babies in and you are rocking'!!

Hair Tip:  You will want to have your stylist customize the extensions so that they work with your hairstyle.  Straight out of the box will not do it.
 I mean, it will if you don't mind them looking like
 you stuck cheap extensions in your hair.  
Soooo………. yea they will need shaping.

We curled the natural hair mixed with the extensions on a 1" curling iron.
You can see we left some of the ends out or barely gave them a bend to keep a 
"natural curl" pattern to the shape.  Nothing too uniform.

Hair Tip:  You can use a regular curling iron like a wand by simply leaving the
clamp open.  I use a marcel iron but this can be done on a spring iron as well.

Check it!  Is this FAB or what???!!!!!
It's so pretty and so full.
And no evidence of the extensions.

I had the best time with Molly and I'll give you a sneak peak at one of the other
TRENDING hairstyles we gave her on this fun day.

OK, so she's laughing and it's a little hard to tell what her hair looks like but 
I love this one!
And you know, come to think of it, "LAUGHING" is always "TRENDING".

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