Monday, April 28, 2014

a jennyleigh salon?

a jennyleigh salon?


Well this was something I didn't see coming.  At least not at this time in my life.
But I am so thankful that God has plans for us that we can't see.
Which is probably a good thing.  I would most likely turn and run the other direction.  
His timing is perfect and his ways are higher than our ways.
This is an opportunity to put into action some of the things that God has 
planted in my heart to do.  It's also been the biggest blessing for our family.
Over the next couple of posts I will fill you in on how this little adventure came to be.
I think you'll get a kick out of the marvelous works that God has done.
A story of trust and faith building that I wasn't ready for.
A story of stepping one step at a time because that is all that was lit up.
God never said he would show us His whole plan but would reveal it as
the time was right.  That is where we have been for that last couple of years.
As scared as we have been at moments, it has been a ride that I cherish.

If you are in a spot of uncertainty then let me encourage you that the author of time
knows your every NEED.  He knows your concerns.  He knows how it all plays out.
Trust.  Trust in Him to have your BEST interest in mind.  
He loves you more than any earthly father could.
I rejoice in the future and pray for peace as we all hit it head on!!

 God's love to you!

Monday, April 21, 2014

All Out of Love

All Out of Love

Oh the joys of knowing some tricks of the trade!  
If you've got thin, fine hair, then today's trick may just be what you've been looking for.
Clip On Extensions!!!
When you see how natural these extensions look, 
how much thicker and fuller Tara's hair looks,
you will jump on board.

Here we are in my old basement.  
We lovingly referred to it as 
"The Basement Beauty Shop".
Right next to our 1979 Jeep, dirt bikes, work shop, Rip-Sticks, and bicycles,
was where I did some magic from time to time.
  So get a kick out of the duct work and overall
"basement" feel in the background that somehow is just shy of a cool backdrop. 

(Notice the length & thickness of Tara's hair)
This is Tara who is unbelievably beautiful inside and out.  And I seriously mean that.
  She puts up with me and all my goofiness. 
She drives a short distance to see me at my new salon just because she loves me.  
Even on the day of this little shoot, she had an awful migraine!
All because of love.  

We put a slight backcombing halo around her entire head.
Then sectioned the hair off and secured the clip-on extensions into the tease.
This gives a super base for the extension to adhere.  No slippage here.

Next, we touched up the ends with the 1" barrel iron.

I think she really wanted to box me but instead she laughed.  
Her hair was looking too fabulous for her to box me!!

Is this natural or what??
In minutes we added length, thickness and fullness!
Boom Baby!
And how about this photography?
That would be thanks to my nephew Steven Bagley.
You can check out his stuff here at 

We thought these pics were too good to not be seen by many 
so it became part of 
our first ad in Discover St. Clair magazine.

Mucho thanks to Tara and Steven for giving me that day.
We had a ton of fun!

What do you think of Tara's thicker hair and our new ad?