Monday, May 4, 2015

Moroccanoil Blowdryer Review

I wasn't wanting to buy a new hair dryer.
  I really, really didn't want to have to buy a new hair dryer.
But you know the old saying,
 "you are only as good as your tools".
So since my other hair dryer had finally died 
then I kind of had no choice. 
But I must say
This blow dryer ROCKS!!  

When you are knocking out some fabulous hair all day you need a dryer that can get the job done.
And this one does it.

It's the Moroccanoil Professional Series.
So why do I love it so much?
Well, here's why:

For starters, it's super lightweight.
I definitely get in my reps of arm raises throughout the week but this dryer keeps it from over taxing my shoulders.

Next, it has lots of blow power!  Whether on high or low heat I can really get the water out of sopping damp hair quickly.  That comes in handy for those times I squeeze in too many people and think I can pull off the impossible.   And with the help of this super hair dryer,
 I actually do pull it off sometimes!  

Some of the other incredible luxuries
 of this baby are the settings.
  High and low heat as well as a cool temp to blow. 
So doing a quick set works really well
 with that cool setting.

Also, the cool shot button works great
 when needing a quick cool in one area without
 having to switch completely to a different setting.

Esthetically this dryer is pretty cool
 because of it's great Moroccanoil color scheme.
  It's white and teal and has a pretty long cord.
Functionally it's smaller nozzle 
keeps the air more concentrated. 
 This is a huge added bonus when styling.
  When a blower has a large nozzle
 the air blows a greater area of the hair,
 typically resulting in fly aways and unwanted frizz.
  So the tapered nozzle is Sa-weet.

And in order to keep this fine piece of equipment
 working properly, it comes with an easy to clean filter.
  Not only is it easy to take off to clean
 but it comes with an extra filter 
that can be removed, cleaned, and replaced.
  This protects the motor from over heating.  

So I definitely give this new dryer of mine
And I look forward to a long and meaningful relationship with it for years to come.

What's your favorite tool to use on your hair??
Let me know in the comments below