Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moxie Style Education!

My friends, please meet a great multi-talented artist and dear friend, Kris Catoe.
Kris used to work with me at Rococo Hair Design (where yours truly presently works) a few years ago.  Ok, it was a lot of years ago but don't be bringing me down. 
He is a laugh riot and as a hairdresser, well.... he's got skills.
But that's not all. 
This fella is also an Assemblage Artist.  He's got some incredible pieces that are just so interesting and unique.  Definitely like nothing I've seen before.  
He's got a show in September; I'll post some pics of his work for you all to enjoy
and a way to purchase, if you feel so moved.   
Kris, who now owns The Moxie Salon in Gadsden, Al., was kind enough to invite me to a Rusk Color class he was hosting .  So, yea, I love those Learning Mondays so you know I was too happy to accept.  Getting to catch up with my friend and grow in some Rusk knowledge,....well, it was a WIN WIN.

Here is Rusk educator,SuBee, demonstrating some new sectioning techniques for color. Loved SuBee.  Don't know if I loved her work or her name more?  What a cool name, huh?
 Side note: I seriously need a name change.  I love my name, Jenny and Jenny Leigh but you know how it is.  Some hairdressers have the coolest names.  And let's face it, if they have a cool name and a British accent-BOOM- we automatically want to pay them more!!!

  *sigh* But I digress.
(I jest about my name Mama. You know I love it.:-) muah)

 I have already used several of the new techniques in the salon to muchos success.
I've used Rusk products in the past so it was good to get back in there and hear
what it's all about now.
**For you at home, a super new color look would be**
 trying two colors of blonde on the top of the head, above the pariatal ridge. 
I believe "Betty", our lovely mannequin model, received a deeper golden blonde
on the edge and a couple of shades lighter near the top of the head. 
Does that make sense?
Sounds funny but it's really pretty beautiful.
The underneath blonde blends seamlessly with the lower level of the natural hair as well as the soft, yet brighter top blonde.  The dimension is gorgeous.  Thanks SuBee!!
I enjoyed learning about the color line and def came away with some
inspiring new looks for my clients.

   With SuBee

With Subee and Tammi. 

Tammi is also a Rusk educator who was helping out.
Really enjoyed meeting them both.  So if ya'll are reading this, Thanks again for answering a million questions and not booting me out after coming in late.
 Hopefully we'll run into each other again.
 Side note: a piece of Kris' artwork is in the background.

I am working on finding someone to do this!
Who's ready for the modern day bi-level??
Not sure what Rusk calls this but buddy I am putting this on somebody SOON!
 Would you do it??