Monday, June 18, 2012

Sleek, Shiny Braided Chignon

This is such a pretty look.  It goes super dressed up or super casual.
Either way, it's a classic with an interesting twist.
One that is sure to make others want to get a closer look to see how you did it.
And the big bonus is, it is SO easy.
Love easy!
So we are borrowing a few pics from an earlier post, the braided bun.
(click on "braided bun" to take you there)

So first, we start off with a braided ponytail.  This can be high on the head or lower.
I'll elaborate on that at the end of the post.

Then give the braid a slight tug to loosen and soften the braid. 
It'll make the braid more pliable.
Now just simply wrap the braid around your ponytail band and tuck the ends under.
Pin on bottom first then pin on top to secure.
Pin around the edges and since a braid is heavier and stiffer,
it may take a few pins to make sure it holds.
Sorry there aren't any pics of this stage but it's hard to snap all the steps.
I'm working on posting video tutorials.
Not sure that you want to hear me talk but then again, maybe you're dieing to hear my Alabama accent.
So here is the final look. 

I LOVE this because when it's finished you really cannot tell that it's braided at all.
The shine is gorgeous and even if your hair is not in the best shape,
it will totally look like it is!

It's all about "camouflage" baby.

So my side bit of info for you:

"What's the difference in a bun and a chignon?", you ask.

In a nutshell, a bun can come in many various forms.  It can be messy or polished.  It can be pretty much anywhere on the head.  You can wear several at one time.  It can be twisted, braided, thin and airy, or tightly wound.  It's kind of been Americanized and advanced from the original, traditional "chignon".
Chignon is from a French phrase, "chignon du cou" which means bun at the nape.
You will more often associate a chignon with a more polished, sophisticated bun.  And of course, worn at the nape of the head.  It's the more formal of the two. 

So which are you,
"Chignon du Cou" or "Americanized Bun"?


  1. Beautiful looks!!! take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Thanks so much!! Love all the fashion on your blog. Would love to follow eachother. I appreciate your comment. Very sweet.:-)