Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Low and Full Ponytail

Today's post is a tribute to a totally nontraditional ponytail.
On the left is my hair on one of my many days at work when I rushed to get there.
I gave it a product fill up and followed by a rough blow dry.
Then, realizing I was running out of time, I took advantage of the volume
and whipped it into two ponytails.  I don't want to call them pigtails
 because the style just didn't have a "pigtail" look.
I wore one pony behind my shoulder and one pony in front of the other shoulder. 
( You know I love "Ragamuffin" style and this fits me perfectly!! )

So the photo on the right??  Well, that's a funny story.
Last night before going to bed I was perusing an old Allure magazine. 
(I am quite the magazine junkie)
So I open it up and there on the page was the fuller bottom ponytail
Orlando Pita!
I was so excited; I had to get out my pics that we had taken from a while back and
 share them with you guys.  So wild.
I love seeing incredible hairdressers who think alike!!!!

So here are a few more pics from my crazy day after work.

So,.... would you even consider wearing such a style??
Better yet,... what's YOUR quick fix hairstyle??


  1. If I had long hair, I would totally wear such a style. it's cute, fun, flirty. I like it. I guess I'm off to grow out my hair now ...

    1. I have two words for you --- clip on extensions!!

      I've done this style since these pics were taken after some sleek flat ironing and it does look so cute.
      You should send me a pic if you try it!

  2. Nice! Love this hairstyle! Looks good on you!

    1. Thanks Lara,
      It was "one of those days" but it turned out kinda cutesy.

      Thanks for the comment!