Monday, June 11, 2012

Learning Mondays

I love Learning Mondays!

As you probably already know, most salons are closed on Mondays. It's great to have a weekday to handle "stuff".  But it's also the day that one can occasionally find extra education!!!  And I am ALL about that!!  

So today was spent with some of the guys from Suddzz FX.  Up top's picture is with Elloy, from Austin, TX, and my friend and co-worker, Razel. I was so excited that we went together today. The last class I went to I had to go alone and it's just not nearly as fun. I have a tendency to find humor in the goofiest places and desperately need somebody to LAUGH WITH ME!  So thank you Razel for being my laughing buddy! 

So the class, yes, it was great. Learned a chic-y new up-do. (I'll post on it later so I can get some good pics.)  Here is Elloy working on it.  Taken from my iPhone camera, they're not the best quality but I get so frustrated with my real camera that I couldn't bring myself to try it. The plan was to enjoy the day. Which I did. 

Here we are with our new friend from Suddzz, Jason Fonte. He lives in Venice Beach, CA. So interesting to hear him say how "everybody" there has the same hair. 

We tend to want to localize things like that. We think "everybody in our town looks the same".  It's everywhere and it's human nature.  It's called, "Trends". And while it's not always a bad thing, it is an opportunity for great hairdressers to keep an edge and make the trends look personalized. Not cookie-cutter. 

Great layered haircut.  Rusk haircolor. No more specifics for you guys. I haven't forgotten who I'm talking to here. Can't be giving away the trade secrets.   Lol

They're filming a movie here in Birmingham (42) and one of the models from today's class is an actor in the movie. 

Can you pick out the actor in the group?


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      Jenny Leigh

  2. The only time I ever remember to try and make a hair appointment is on a Monday when the salon is closed. Since I am just now reading this (on a Wednesday) I am going to call my hair guy! I am desperate for a trim and color!


    1. Ooooooo yes! Def make that appointment girl. You know how much better you'll feel when you're all polished up. Love your dark hair, btw.

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