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This falls into my

 "Inspiration to Commercial" category. 

I feel pretty certain you have seen this picture on Pinterest.
  It really is a FAB cut.  So fab that 
beautiful Ann Marie wanted to have it.  
                      Such a perfect hair style for this young twenty something.                              

Ann Marie has just the right amount of thickness (and it is thick) and texture for this style.  Minimal effort and a full super bouncy look are a winning combination.
  She can look super chic dressed up or perfectly playful in casual clothes.
  The big question for an extremely physically active 20 something,
 "Can I do a ponytail?"?  Why YES.  Yes you can.  
Thanks Ann Marie  Love you chickie

Disaster to Diva's

This is Jan and she was not happy with the little "woops" she had
coloring her own hair.
She is way too sassy and a Diva for that mess up.
So we took her from Disaster to Diva!!!
~Thanks Jan, it was fun~

Kaylan & her "Layers with OOmph!"

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