Hi there! I'm Jenny Leigh. I'm not necessarily a double-name person but somehow I've always been called
by both names. You can call me Jenny or you can call me Jenny Leigh - just pLeAsE call ME!!!
(One thing won't take long to figure out- I'm goofy & corny as the day is long.)
Named after my beautiful mother, there were two "Jenny's" in the house so I suppose that's really
how I got to be called "Jenny Leigh" so much.
I remember people calling our house asking to speak to "Big Jenny" or "Little Jenny".
That didn't always go over really well with my Mama. Hahaha
So voila, there. My double name in a nutshell.

I've had a fun, fun life. Grew up in an awesome home with parents who did their best with me, I'm sure.
God love 'em, I can't put my finger on where it all went wrong. Ha- I jest. I turned out pretty good.
And by that I mean, I know the God of Heaven and Earth and He has blessed me more than I deserve.
I seriously have an awesome family. I am married to Bradley, the absolute love of my life.
We have, I'm sorry to say, and I hope not to offend anyone, but... like.... THE BEST kids in the world.
2 boys and a girl. They have shown me how to love like nothing else in life can.
They make me smile, and laugh. They inspire me and blow me away with who they are.
With a man who loves the Lord like my Bradley does, and who loves me like he does
( and you know, that ain't no walk in the park) and great kiddos, how could my life NOT be incredible??????
It's not always easy, growing usually isn't. But it is good. Very grateful for all that I have.

I love being a
hairdresser. I get to make people feel good and man - that is the BEST.
I am not a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon and I'm ok with that.
I get to make people look great and that makes them feel great. I get to listen to their lives,
cry with some, and laugh til we cry with some. Hair and people are two things I definitely love so it's all good.
I think I might be bloviating so I shall end the misery that you are surely feeling and wrap this up.
I'm positive I will come back in the future and overhaul this experimental page.
And when that happens, you'll be in a very small but prestigious group who got to read this!!
Love love to ya!!

Jenny Leigh