Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Day - New Do - New Mood

From time to time we seem to just hit a funk. Have you ever noticed this? For a multitude of reasons we just sometimes seem to get in a slump where nothing seems to be going right or smooth. Take for instance, our family has just finished another extra-curricular filled season. You know how it goes - we hit the road right after school and juggle all the locations that we've got to get to on any given evening. Now my husband is in an unusual line of work and his schedule is always changing. And even though I've known this since the day I met him, I went ahead and scheduled the impossible for Thursday nights. "My husband can help me" I thought. We'll split duties and everything will work perfectly. Well, there was my first mistake, thinking that something would work out "perfectly". I mean if you know me to any degree then you know that the two words "perfect" and "Jenny Leigh" never belong in the same sentence!

So for 8 of the 10 weeks of the season my husband had to work leaving me to deal with the overloaded schedule that I had voluntarily put into action. We survived but I was one harried mess - driving by practically pushing kids out of the car as I slowed down yelling, "I'll be back to pick you up later!" while passing by our locations that seemed to be a blur. (Thank you Lord for such incredible friends who watch out for my kids and help in so many ways.) By the end, all of us moms were deliriously laughing our way through as we saw the close to another youth sporting extravaganza!

You see, I was not the only harried mom on the scene. I just was the one with the most noticeable tick and the one with the least ability to disguise my craziness. (I've really got to work on that in the future) So to try to feel a sense of calm and control, I treated myself to a haircut, color and hi-lites. Isn't that what we should do? Well, whether we "should" do it or not it certainly can change a mood for the better!

When things just need to change or we need a serious pick me up, a visit to the salon can be just the Bummer Breaker that we need. A slight change to our style can do wonders for our outlook. Sometimes we feel we have to make huge changes for it to be worth it. And honestly, the fear that can come along with a major change can be enough to keep us in a slump. It doesn't have to be that way. Consider restructuring your bangs. A simple side swoop can take a casual look to a more sophisticated feeling. Taking off an inch or two can add a perky, clean feeling to a dowdy haircut. Or what about adding some face framing layers. Flipping one side out can add some serious fun to a way too serious hairstyle. The little, simplest of changes can be huge in terms of giving us a new outlook and the deep breath we need to tackle the next set of challenges that are inevitably coming our way. So why not look great with a great new attitude to go along with it? I say, New Day, New Do, New Mood! Who's with me?

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