Friday, July 8, 2011



Ok so today was a fantastic sort of day. It was a Friday and I don't usually work on Fridays so for some reason it's fun to work on that day. I suppose everyone is getting ready for the weekend and it makes everyone a little happier.

Whatever it is, it was good.

My dear friend came to see me and since we haven't seen each other much this summer it was good to catch up. I LOVE doing hair so add a good friend, good conversation, good hair, and a good weekend ahead you are left with a "good" day. Ok, so you get it. It was good. LOL

So here she is. This is my "man-brained, Sequoia Sister" friend Heather. She keeps me real and in check and I love her. And although she always questions me about my techniques and processes, she also always seems to come out BEAUTIFUL. I love it not only because she looks great but she knows how to work whatever hairstyle I put on her. As you can see here, she rocks it.

Heather is sporting a few hi-lites around her face with some very nice Mocha shadow coloring that makes her hair look super thick. I do believe she's just made the "Total Babe" list. (I just started this list. Such a good idea, no?)

Ok, that was my good day. Thanks for listening!

Love, Love and more of God's love to you!

Jenny Leigh

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