Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disaster to Diva's post

So excited. I did a super duper conditioning treatment on my hair last night and it looked and felt FaBuLoUs today!  I used Kenra Nourishing Masque on freshly shampooed hair.  I saturated all of my hair (scalp too) from base to the ends.  Left it for 15 minutes and rinsed it out.  Hairdressers are often like plumbers, they keep everybody else working and yet their own pipes are clogged up.  So it felt fantastic today for my hair to be so shiny and bouncy!
I curled it on a 1" clipless wand and shook it out. 

Now go check out the Before & After's page. 
Just posted some that you have GOT to go see!

Have you ever had any of your own "mess ups" with your hair?? 
Tell me about it.  I always love a good laugh!  LOL  


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  2. Ugh, OK it's getting late for this chick and I am getting frustrated.
    Posted a comment and it showed it twice. Took one off and it took both off.
    I need a serious "Dummies" course!

    I think I've lost my "follow" button.
    Anyone know where it might be on this new template??
    Needing serious help, fo sho.

  3. Loved all my FB comments!
    A good "hair disaster" is always a good story - LATER!!!