Monday, April 9, 2012

"Layers with OOmph!"

Oh yea---you are gonna want these full, bouncy, swingy layers this summer!!!

 And seriously, I would love to tell you how to get them but that's kind of

cannot reveal the sho-nuff techniques but I can say that if you live in Alabama
I would love to set you up with some "Layers with OOmph!".

If you happen to live elsewhere then ask your stylist for
long, side graduated layers.
Kaylan's hair was almost one length when we started. 
She was gorgeous before  (YES, it's her natural color)  but this change
was just what she was looking for, something different but keeping the length.

Check out the back
( so LOVE the back )

 Breezing off the edges looks so fresh.

Need to spice up your long layers?  You've got to try this!!
What do you think???
Here's a "Do-Over" aka Before & After

 LOVE this girl and LOVE those
"Layers with OOmph!"

Let me hear from you,
is this something you would try?


  1. Yes Jenny, I'd LOVE to try it ---- where can I buy it? :)

  2. Hahaha You are Rockin' no matter what woman!!!
    You make my day! Love you