Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trend Time!

Ok, so for a while I had been ready to lose my long locks but I think I'm past it now. ( Well, at least for a little while anyway. ) You know how it is, about the time your ready for the big chop; you wake up one morning and your hair has magically grown to a workable length.  So now I'm pretty excited to work these styles for the spring and summer.      
I am LOVING this ponytail tie.  Isn't it cute and how easy will this be??  I'm thinking of all kinds of materials that can make this simple look go with all different kinds of outfits. 
 A leather strap, a sheer ribbon, satin ribbon (obvious choices) but what about
tennie shoe ties for post workout?  Braided cording? 
You've got an imagination, I'm sure you can come up with a bunch of ideas too. 
You'll have to send some to me and let me see how creative you can be!!

So this look gets credit from ......... Calvin Klein. 
 Ok, so that wasn't that hard to figure out. You can pretty much count on Calvin to give you easy, relaxed hair.  May be one reason why I love him so much.  So anyway, once you curl this on a medium to large barrell curling iron you can lightly brush out the curls so they will relax into the beautiful waves.  "Urban Waves" if you will.  Please note that although this is a super relaxed style, it is brushed!  The ends do NOT look straggely.  It does take a bit of work to look like you didn't. 

Last but not least is my FAV  ---   the "Top Knot". 
I've been rocking the Top Knot for a while now and it is the best. 
Second day hair, no prob.  Want it out of your face and not have to do the ponytail again?  Top knot.  Need to look polished and put together?  Top Knot.  Fashionable?   Uh,...yes! 
It goes uptown or downtown.  Or even to the gym.  It's like a miracle breakthrough!!!    (maybe too many late night info-mercials for me ) Think I'll post on this again soon. 
Tell me, would you dare wear the "Top Knot"?? 

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  1. I love the top knot. I just can't master the polished top knot, where it looks like a perfect doughnut. Mine just looks like a pony tail folded in half-messy!

  2. Anya, I think it depends on the length of your hair. How many layers you have and how much strong hairspray you have! haha

    You can always try the sock method or purchase a donut form to wrap the hair around for a more polished look. But don't discount the cuteness of a messy top knot!
    Hope that helps.