Thursday, October 25, 2012

Here's A Peek

Crazy Life continues to be the case and I'm very excited to tell you about the journey we've been on ASAP.  However, it's not quite the time right now.  So how about a tiny peek at some sweet ladies I've had the privilege of working with?  Sound good?  Alrighty then, here goes. 

My awesome niece. Beautifully Ombré. 

We've been growing these layers out & I'd say with this beautiful Chocolate color she is looking FABULOUS!

Since I'm blogging from my phone we'll keep it short & sweet. But before I buzz out of here and slide into Lala Land I'll leave you with a Quick Tip:

Keep a wide tooth comb and a jaw clip hanging in your shower.  Shampoo, apply deep conditioner, comb hair to detangle and spread the conditioner evenly throughout your hair. Then simply clip it up while you wash your body. When done, rinse hair.  Voila, super intense steam re-conditioning to make the most of your time and give your hair shine and bounce!  

Any tips or questions?  Leave me a comment. Love to hear from you!!!


No more washed out color!

Now fresh and rich color that totally enhances my friends features. Gorgeous!

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