Friday, March 13, 2015

Hi-dy Heidi

Hi-dy Heidi

I try to do a twist on the traditional "before and after" pics as often as I can.  
 I really like the phrasing, "Inspiration to Commercial".  
Most often people see a photo of a celebrity or a model and
 use that as a request for their haircut.
Now some hairdressers are not fond of clients bringing in pictures
 but personally I LOVE them.  
It is such a great tool for communicating with your client.
It gives you something specific, even tangible, to point to as a reference.
You can use it for bang length, perimeter length,
 the point where layers begin or where fullness is in a hairstyle.
  Things that sometimes get lost in translation when using words alone. 

My beautiful model for this post is the lovely Heidi.  
Having known Heidi forever, we have been through a lot over the years.
We've also been through a LOT of hairstyles.  
And some of them have been rather hysterical but not for this post.
Today's post is totally respectable.  Besides, we have hidden any pictures that would be embarrassing to our kids.  We only pull those out when absolutely necessary.  Hahaha

Heidi was really wanting to get crazy and put some fun pink in her hair and after seeing the "Inspiration" picture on the cover of one our magazines, we decided to do it.
After all, she was starting with hair that was similar enough that it would work.

Hair tip:  choosing the right "inspiration" picture is kind of important.
  Try to find one that has similar hair traits as you do.
  Is this a style that will work with your hair? 
 Are your face shapes similar?  And don't forget to look at her neck!  
Yes, I said her NECK.  
Any hairstyle will take on a completely different look
 on a short neck compared to a long neck. 

Doesn't Heidi know it's not polite to stick your tongue out at people????
Still so much work to do with my friend.

(I love you Heidi)

So this is a Color Blocking technique that we used to create the subtle color variance.
Color Blocking can be used for any natural level and most typically the "blocking" color is only a couple of levels lighter.  

We put a little spin on it with the bright pink. Vivid colors are so popular right now
 and this is a perfect example of how it can be done in a super fashionable way 
that is still respectable. There's a fine line between edgy and scary.  
And it's a line that my Hi-dy Heidi rides very well.  

Leaving with a question, think you would ever try something like this???

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