Friday, January 15, 2016

Are They Just Words?

Today, as I do my normal new year planning, I am pondering "what are 'words'?".
I am making my lists that will ultimately be
 stripped down to make a goals list for 2016. 
It will include everything from my walk with the Lord,
my role as a wife to Bradley, my role as mom to my babies,
 as well as my role in friendships and of course work goals. 
 I have done this for so long I can't remember it not being a
normal part of my new year activities. 
Although I will say it takes me almost a MONTH now to get my list done
where it used to be written in an hour before I was married and had kids.
The obvious reason for this is the weight of my choices is much graver now.
The decisions I make and the things I choose to spend time on
now have so many more consequences. 
Every aspect of my life will ultimately affect someone else. 
Either someone close to me or maybe someone who only sees me from a distance.
I understand that now.  I guess it has always been so
 but it has taken me this long to really see it.
   So as I ponder the things that I want to improve on and accomplish this year
 I can look back and see my old lists from years gone by and
realize that some of my "goals" apparently didn't mean a whole lot.
I mean, they did at the time, I'm sure, but I didn't act on them.
So if I didn't give them the time that they needed, were they worth putting on
my list in the first place?  I have to feel that they were!
I dropped the ball.  I let other things get in the way. 
There is no way at the beginning of the year to foresee everything that
might come our way.  Things that might just be a higher priority.
However, we/I, have to be careful to only let HIGH PRIORITY things take front seat.
I want my goals list to mean something and for it to really make an impact on my life
and on anyone else that God has placed in my life.
So going forward this year I will try to not let my list be filled with "words" that
will make me feel like I am reaching high BUT
I will pray fervently over the words on the page.
  I will commit to praying over them regularly.
  I will go back to my list often,
remembering that there was a day that the Lord had laid it on my heart
to write those things down. 
Keeping in mind the things that I don't even know yet
that may be at stake if I get distracted.
Lord, let my thoughts and ways be pleasing to you and
 let my energies be driven straight from your hand! 
 Let my words mean something.
For the present time and for the future.
Matthew 5:37
But let your 'Yes' be 'Yes' and your 'No' by 'No'.
For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.

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