Sunday, March 1, 2015

#Molly3 #Fishbone #Braid

#Molly3 #Fishbone #Braid

I love braids.  And it's a good thing too because they are everywhere!
I think the thing that is so intriguing about braids is their versatility.
Just scroll through Pinterest and you will be blown away
 with the millions of ways they can be done.  Seriously mind boggling!
So it was only fitting for Molly's last look in her ad's Trending theme to be a BRAID.

And I think this Fishbone Braid is perfect.

Love how you can see the ribbons of color weave through. 
Remember we still have the extensions in Molly's hair for thickness, hilites, and texture.
Here's the link if you missed it :  

Need a reminder of how to do a Fishbone Braid?
Click on this link for a quick and easy tutorial:
Just know it's from years ago.  I've got bangs.  My little girl is well....little.  LOL
Maybe I should update that tutorial??  Probably should.
Anyway, back to present day.
Check out these cute pics of Molly's Trending braid.

Notice you can't see the elastic that is holding the braid.  
We took a piece from below the elastic and teased it.  Wrapping it around the elastic and tucking it in the back makes it disappear.  
Lastly, we used a working spray for softness.

Super Cute * Super Different * Super Trendy
Big thanks to Molly for always being such a JOY!!!
And a huge THANKS to Sarah for lending her photog skills.

Whatcha think?  Any of the four looks stand out as your favorite?

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